Thursday, 21 July 2011

Product Review: Venus Spa Breeze

I was out at the supermarket (Morrisons) doing my general shopping and needed some new blades for my Wilkinsons Sword razor. To my horror they'd gone up to over £10 for only 3 blades! I just couldn't buy them, it was ridiculous. I found myself looking at the other razors and prices and saw the new Venus Spa Breeze for less than £5 complete with two replacement blades, so it was so much better value! Its currently only £4 at Asda, £4.49 at Tesco (however their site states its half price, so perhaps these are promotional offers) and £4.98 at Wilkinsons (the shop not the razor brand obviously :) ).
Also, not that it should affect my choice of razor as you just want a good one that's kind to your skin, good value etc, but I loved the colour of this one, which I think helped catch my eye, as did the design and packaging. 
I never realised until after I had brought it and been using it that this was one of the razors Jennifer Lopez had been advertising, as tbh when she comes on TV I mentally switch off as for some reason I've always found her really annoying (I'm sure she is lovely). So it really was just the products packaging that initially jumped out at me and made me look at and consider this razor.
Brilliant Value

 The product is a 2 in 1, due to the fact that you don't actually need shower gel to shave with it. All you need is to wet your skin and get on with it due to the shower gel bars, which are also infused with white tea for a pleasant 'shaving experience'. I still do use shower gel with mine, as I didn't even realise until I used them for the first time that it had gel bars, then you could tell you don't need the shower gel. I use Imperial Leather Foamburst which is excellent for shaving and even though its not needed I use it anyway as it makes my legs extra smooth after I've shaved. Even though it sounds like a corny line from a 'real' person on an advert, its true that my legs have never been so smooth! The Venus Spa Breeze is gentle to my skin and my legs feel amazing afterwards.
I was so pleased with my purchase and not only is it a great razor and a lovely girly colour, the inner packaging is useful too. It has an inner section to hold your extra re fill blades so you don't lose them and they stay protected and the outer section holds your razor. I love it.

Good Razor Design, Good Packaging

Also as well as 4 blade refill packs being available £8.98 at Asda,  (already better than Wilkinson Swords stingy 3 blade pack for over £10), there is also a larger pack containing 8 blades, which I got this month, which means I will go a lot longer without having to buy refills.  
The size 8 refill packs look to be about ~£17 in most supermarkets but I got mine from Morrisons for £16.

Handy Larger Count Refill Packs

The refills are also each separately packaged to protect the blades and bars. So that maybe a bad thing environmentally as maybe this product is creating more waste, but its ensuring the quality of the product and making it easier for the customer, particularly if you are going away, you can just pop a handy refill capsule in your bag, with the knowledge its protected, you and your other items are protected and it won't take up any space.

Inside Razor case, separately packaged refills

The reviews on the Gillete site are varying however and I do agree that due to the gel bars, the refill can seem a little gunky after a few uses, but I always change my blades after 3 uses with the other razors I have had in the past anyway. They have all needed to be switched for a sharper blade at a similar time, so this did not bother me at all. Also even if you find you still need some shower gel for the shave, the gel bars still make it a much smoother gentler shave than other razors. 
I have only used 2 different razors (besides the disposable types) before this one, so maybe I'm not full of experience in the shaving product world, but this is definitely by far the best razor I have used and the best value so I would give it 4.5/5 and I would recommend it to anyone who's not tried a Venus razor before.

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Fairydust24 said...

Now I've finally written this post I have looked online to see Tesco and Asda selling the Wilkinson sword refills for under £5, however a few weeks ago that wasn't the case and as I said in Morrisons they were over £10. Slightly confusing! I think I've aways brought them from there and they've always been about £7 or £8 so maybe I should have got them elsewhere. I still much prefer my new razor though! xx

Rachael x said...

nope nothing for me either :( I've just got back from midwife appointment she said I can have sweep next thurs, ill be 40+5 then. A girl i know has literally just had her baby and she was due the day after me, I'm so jealous lol!! Got my fingers crossed for the both of us xxx