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My favourite Jewellery Sites

So...I don't want my blog to be ALL about pregnancy. I have done a few unrelated posts and now its time for another. I'd been thinking about doing my first blog giveaways and been thinking about what 1st prize should be for the main one. I've decided it will be jewellery of some sort so it inspired me for my next post favourite jewellery sites. Many introduced to me by the lovely Shibani Pushparajah quite a while back, who has her own blog My Happy Place if you fancy taking a look and is the Queen of finding amazing jewellery crafters online. There will be more information on the upcoming giveaway at the end of this post.

I've got a few bits of jewellery from shops such as New Look and accessorize (gifts from people) and elsewhere that I love but I thought for this post I would focus on what I like online. It's going to be more vintage and kitsch/retro themed from more affordable sites, rather than real luxury items that break the budget.
Based on some of the pieces from these sites, I don't think you have to break the budget to get something beautiful, and then there are the cute fun items you can't help but love too.
I think I tend to have more necklaces more than any other jewellery item, but I love earrings too, but often ending up loosing one of a pair :( (happened a lot at uni due to nights out) and I love rings but just don't own many.

My 'Jessica' Necklace
My 'Love O' meter' necklace
Me and Zena:  I first came across them when they were featured in More Magazine due to the celebs wearing some of their items. I fell in love with the 'Jessica' necklace  that was featured in the mag, only to find out they had stopped making and selling it. I searched everywhere online and got in touch with the company about it and Paul (I think that was his name) got back to me quickly saying that they might have just one left from sales on the market stall and that he would try and find it for me. I was so grateful and very lucky as he did indeed find the last one left and let me buy it. I also brought the 'Love O' meter' necklace with it.
They are the only two pieces of gold jewellery I own, as I usually don't like it, but these are two of my favourite items.

My current favourites by them are the Limited Edition Pink 'Take me Down' necklace  (although I also love the silver and blue version) and the 'Roller Girl' necklace.

This Charming Girl: This site does quite a few lovely vintage pieces and my favourite which I have wanted for a long time is the Fairy dust locket. Since my phase of buying a few pieces online over a year ago, I then never seemed the money to do so, so haven't got hold of this yet. 
It is currently out of stock, but I'm hoping when they get it back in I can drop a few hints to my boyfriend!! Maybe it can be a 'you've just given birth to our baby' present and if so I think that's worth two necklaces :p so I may as well as for the me and Zena anchor necklace too!

Vintage Princess Jewellery: This crafter (Laura Rutter) started out on Facebook and has since expanded and not only has her own website but jewellery shop too (based in Durham).  When she was just at the beginnings of her wonderful jewellery empire :) I was lucky enough to get several, great value original pieces made by her, including a gorgeous cameo necklace and a beaded bracelet. There was a lot more I wanted to buy from her but my bank balance wouldn't allow it :(

My Cameo necklace

My 'Fauna' Bracelet

The Charm Factory: I came across the site recently thanks to Emma Louise. It does various types of Charm bracelets which are incredibly popular at the moment, but they have great prices for them, which is appealing as they can be very pricey over here, especially if you are thinking along the lines of Pandora. I mentioned them recently in my wishlist post, where there is a picture of my favourite by them. To find out more, click on the title link.

When first discovering jewellery sites, this was my favourite for quite a while. Since I last purchased from them over a year ago, their jewellery seems to have changed a bit, more vintage than kitsch pieces, but still some very original creations which I love. They send their items gift wrapped in pink tissue paper and here are the necklaces I've brought from them:

Cupcake necklace ...I did want the pink&white but they sent me this one
 Looking at the current range, I have picked out my new favourites:

Gorgeous Green Crystal Butterfly Pendant

Maybe not to everyone's taste ...skull earrings ...I like skull jewellery
 Another great site, not all the items jump out at me but I think they will appeal to a lot of people. My favourite item is again another necklace, the enamel telephone necklace.
Retails at £14.00

I do also love the Little Pirate earrings and although I'm not sure I would be brave enough to buy it I LOVE their octopus rings, particularly the bright pink version.  

 Ji Ji Kiki: This site do kooky cute kitsch fun jewellery and I almost wish I hadn't looked at their site again because now I want loads! I know I don't need any of it, but it would make me so happy! Haha. 




 If you like the look of these items you should definitely explore the rest of their site. They also have some very cute rings and earrings as well as some vintage designed jewellery and also accessories such as bags and brooches and homeware which features some very cute cushions.

Gothic Fusion Jewellery: This is a Facebook based site which does gorgeous Gothic themed alternative jewellery. I'm not sure I could pull some of the items off, but there are so many beautiful pieces and I really love Gothic jewellery, so I do like this collection, and the lovely lady who runs it made me the gorgeous necklace below: 

Not the best lighting sorry!

Eclectic Eccentricity:
 Some of the items on this site are a little bit more expensive, but in general its still very good value for original, special pieces of jewellery which you would love to have yourself or would be great to give as a gift. This site is definitely worth a look, there are some really gorgeous necklaces, rings and earrings and they also do bracelets and hair accessories. Their website is quite pretty too. Here is my favourite necklace from them: 

'Winging my way back to you' necklace £18.50
I also love the 'Some Time Pocket Watch' and the 'Make a Song and Dance' working harmonica necklaces, along with the 'Prudence knows best' Cameo earrings.

Tatty Devine: The jewellery on this site is much more expensive than the other sites I've talked about so far and isn't one I've purchased from because of that but I have friends who have and they are quite popular. I think the best thing about them is their amazing customized name necklaces. Click 'HERE' to see what yours could look like. I think I like mine best in the 'Original' style, in glitter blue with a lightening bolt. But I just wouldn't spend that much money on it, but it would be a nice gift. Maybe my attitude towards this would change if I was well off. 

Junkie Lovers: I love the way this site is set out, its so fun and catches your eye immediately. Its full of good priced fun retro items that don't feature of any of the other sites mentioned. I think some of their best items are the mixed tape and various space invader necklaces (my favourite is the pink glitter one) and the Lego brick earrings.

RRP £6.00

 Clutterfly Jewellery: I only discovered this site yesterday whilst I was doing my pre blog post research. I'm not sure what I think of the website set out but they do some fun and some alternative pieces and are running a competition to find someone with the alternative look to help model their jewellery. They have a few items similar in style and design to Tatty Devine, but for a lot cheaper.
My favourite piece off their site is this necklace below as it's a catch phrase of good old Keith Lemon!

RRP £16.00
Last but not least are the wonderful creations of Wonderland wishes who are based on Facebook and have a new page 'HERE' but the title links to their old page so you can view some of the past creations. There are fun and alternative pieces here, along with many kitsch  foody type items of jewellery. Here are some of my favourites: 

I hope you enjoy browsing around all these sites. If I get enough interest in my first blog competition 'Guess the Weight' I will be doing another give away a couple of weeks after, based on this post.
I will put up a link in a week if I've had some feedback, to vote for which site out of most of these that you would like the winning prize to be from. So stay tuned!

                                                x - X - x


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