Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Favourite TV from my Childhood

This is going to make me sound quite old but kids TV was sooo much better when I was little. I'm 24 now and the things I've seen my nephew watch are often just american trash or something made with no imagination.
There was so many classics when we were younger, some which I'd like to show my little girl one day and I was lucky enough to find some on Amazon.
So here were some of my favourites from when Childrens Tv was good:

Rugby was my favourite


I know everything is more exciting when you're a child, but there was something magical about this programme and Rugby the Tiger and his catchphrase always used to make me and my little brother laugh.

     Another programme about Toys coming to life, done by the Australians. I still remember the gurgling swishing noise as the grumpy hot water bottle moved about.

      Everyone knows this one right? Atleast the theme tune, "Down at the bottom of the Garden, among the birds and the bee's ...." Sing Along!
      My ex's friends dad (yeah bit of a distant link) wrote this theme tune and made quite a bit of money from it. 
      Apparently they are bringing a new version out, so I hope it stays true to the original.

      It wasn't just the theme tunes and imagination behind these programmes that were better, but the messages too. Instead of programmes about two rich twins who live in a hotel or a girl who runs an internet show, it had friendly neighbourhood service men like Sam and fellow animation Postman Pat. I love the plasticine animation of these two shows.

       Now this was Epic, although maybe a bit too emotional for very young children. I remember it being quite upsetting at times, with even the title sequence music being dramatic. But I loved it, a brilliant animation they should still show now.

       Perhaps the best opening sequence ever, already exciting before the show even starts and an epic theme tune again.
      This may have been my favourite, although its hard to chose, but its definitely in my top 3 and one of the first ones that comes to mind.

      I used to have this as a ringtone on my old mobile, perhaps I am still a
      child inside!
      This is quite a simple cartoon but charming and memorable all the same.

       Now I could go on a list quite a few more but I need to pack for my mini holiday and slap on some fake tan to avoid looking like a ghost at my friends wedding so I'll just leave you with a little list I made on Amazon of a few others I recovered the other week: Childhood classics
      and a little clip of this little man, most of us don't like these hairy creatures and his movements are a little bit freaky but he still made it on my list for childhood tv memories: Boo! 

                                                                   x - X - x

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