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My Pregnancy Diary off The BabyWorld wesbite

I put a few updates of my pregnancy on this website and thought I would transfer them onto here, although they are about the first half really: My Pregnancy Diary

07/05/11:      Today I am 28 weeks and 3 days less than 12 weeks to go, still seems like a way off but I've come so far, its been one hell of a journey!My pregnancy came as a bit of a shock ....I actuallly found out by accident at a hospital appointment where I had been actually worried I might have fertility ironic!! 
When I finally had accepted I was pregnant I never knew how much of a learning curve it would be, there was so much I didn't know from the symptoms and changes my body would experience, to what I was entitled to, to all the free and useful info and samples from the many baby clubs there were around. 
I didn't really have any proper antenatal care for the first 17 weeks, so it was a scary and tough time. Especially as I have a preexisting health condition and this is my first pregnancy.
I found out and sorted alot of things out by myself such as my second scan, my blood tests for Hep etc, as I didn't have a midwife. It was a struggle and I was often scared about how my baby was doing, especially as I had NO sign of ANY bump even until 20 weeks.
Well you should see me now!...I will have to get my boyfriend to take a pic of my huge bump so you can all see. 
Luckily I have a couple friends who are also pregnant, a few weeks ahead of me, and some who have already had babies very recently, so they gave me some tips on what I should be signing up to and where I would get freebies and useful tips. 
So now I'm a memeber of just about every baby club and am armed with information and a month or so ago started reading some pregnancy magazines which I found really interesting as well as useful, and its fab they have competitions.     

08/05/11:  Up's and Down's:

I've had a lot of downsides to my pregnancy, been in hospital a few times, been very poorly at times and at the moment am struggling with too low iron (and the tablets make me poorly) and low blood pressure which often drops further meaning I need to lie down, pretty disruptive, esp when you are doing a full time job.
Also a couple weeks ago for about a month or more I had the most horrific backache all the time!
I have some now, sitting here typing this, but it is definitely better than it has been!
Also I never realised you get pains in your abdomen and stomach from it being stretched out by the growing life inside you. I guess its pretty obvious, but its something I never thought about before it happened to me.
Besides these bad points I have had some milestones that have made it worth it and helped pull me through the bad here are some.....

Week 12 - Jan 12th: I had my 12 week dating scan, I had only known I was pregnant for 2 weeks by this point and still didn't believe it and there were many complications behind my story, so I had still no idea what I was going to although this was not an exstatically happy moment, it was a defining one. I didn't get to see the screen much, my boyf did, but the sonographer showed me it just the once....but there on the screen was some tiny baby shaped thing zooming about all over the place. So although it had already been proved by another ( meant to be non preganncy) scan and I'd done a preg test saying positive and I still hadn't beleived it, I think now it really hit home.

17 weeks - 22nd Feb: A Major milestone. Finally I had a proper midwife and up until this point I had grown attached to the baby and was terrified about its safety and kept thinking something was wrong. So she used a doppler and for the first time I heard my babies heart beat =) It was amazing! I was so unbeleivably happy. One, because it was a massive relief and I knew baby was ok, but two, just because it was amazing!
I had only told a select amount of people I was pregnant by this point but after this I made a general announcement and now all my friends etc knew.
Although two weeks previous the majority of work found out, besides the few who already knew, as I work in the hospital labs, and my antenatal bloods had come in for testing, and word spreads fast round there if certain people get hold of it!

Week 20: Due to my lack of bump and I guess fear due to being a first timer I had been a bit panicky again up to this point, but whilst sat in work, chatting to a colleague and booking on patient data I suddenly felt these clear obvious movements inside me, a kick a punch, some kind of wriggly movement and then another kick. I didn't say anything to anyone but couldn't stop the massive grin on my face. For the next ten minutes I felt my baby move inside me and it was amazing.
It wasn't the fluttery feelings everyone says, which I thought i'd felt the week before, but were so faint and I'd put them down to gas! But it was much clearer. I did have fluttery movements times onward from this, but most of the time, its felt like proper movement, the limbs hitting me inside or after a while full flips or somersaults. This first time was amazing but everytime onwards for several weeks it would put a big smile on my face.

The first time I felt bump move was 14th of March, and less than 2 weeks after that would be my delayed 20 week scan.

The Anomoly scan: 23rd March Duration: 22 weeks, 1 Day
There had been much debate at work to whether I would be having a girl or a boy, as I'd told people I was finding out, whereas my work friend, a few weeks ahead had decided not too.
So friends were making bets amongst themselves and a few had done tests with twirling necklaces (which told me it would be a girl) and an indian needle and thread technique which told me the opposite. I agreed with this as I had got the feeling it was a boy, only because i'd been calling it a he since the start by accident when I ever assigned it a gender in conversation.
I had decided I really wanted a girl (although I want a little boy in the future) so I was nervous.
Myself and Ashley went to the waiting area for ultra sound and up until that point I had just been really excited, I'd felt like it was my birthday or Christmas! Sounds bizzare but thats exactly the feeling. But in the last few minutes the doubts and orginal fears came creeping back, wondering if everything would be ok, what about those weeks when I didn't know I was pregnant and got drunk, or what about the medication I was on at that time.
We got called in after a short wait and then it was time.
I wish I'd been able to record the feeling of the experience because I can't quite recall it now, but it was magical, amazing.
The sonographer started doing measurements, but my little one, who is quite the wriggler would be there one second, gone the next. This made the lady laugh and she told me I had a very active one and to find a park! I was nervous during the measurements but when she said everything was fine it was a massive happy relief. Then she started to show us our baby.
It was unbelievable, I couldn't believe this little thing, this life was inside me, she showed us the legs and arms and moving little hands, that went upto the mouth as if to suck the thumb, then she zoomed in on the nead/face and our baby was yawning and then stretched in front of our my belly! Words couldn't describe it all.
By this point, seeing my baby, I was in so much awe I really didn't care if was a boy or a girl, but I did still want to find out, and of course didn't want to disappoint those at work.
However I think baby must either have become a bit shy, stubborn or tired as then it decided it didn't want to move its legs so it wasn't looking promising.
After trying for a bit the sonographer gave up on that attempt and told me to go for a wee, and maybe baby would be more relaxed. Second time round and after alot of jiggling, it was still a no show, but the lady was so lovely and didn't give up on us like alot would have and instead told me to sit up for a while while she went to write the notes up and then we'd have one last try.
Ash sang to my belly then and willed for baby to show us, but it still didn't seem to be getting anywhere on the final look, besides glimpsing the umbilical cord, but then suddenly, baby finally moved in the right position and out came the news....its a girl! =D
And the sonographer showed us the three white lines between her legs that meant this.

So there you have it, my wriggling lil baby is a girl! And the scan pictures came out wonderfully, and luckily, one tiny perk of being NHS staff meant we didn't have to pay for them.
I was on a high for the rest of the day and also finally not worried about how she was developing and she was doing fine =)

                                                          x - X - x

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Rachael x said...

Hey chick, still no sign :( I was having cramps earlier but theyve gone away now :( over the last couple of days he hasn't been moving as much as usual and apparently that's a sign he could be on his way soon, hope so!! :)
Hope ur doing ok and your very welcome to do the weight competition hun. Take care xxx