Monday, 11 July 2011

My Current Wishlist

If I was to write a wishlist of what I really wanted deep down inside, it would include things such as wishing I'd never got the illness's I have or at least that I'd recover from them permanently, wishing my mum would go back to normal, to have been able to say goodbye to Theo, to be able to afford to buy a house, a big enough one for us and to get one for my mum too, for my brother and me to be able to get the careers we want, a holiday abroad with my boyfriend and to have had a bit more time before I got pregnant to be able to spend with him, and for him to be vegetarian. The last might sound odd, and I'd never force it on him or have I ever suggested it, but it would be so nice for the person I love to share how I feel in that area with it being such a big part of my life.
Some of them might one day be achievable, along with our dream to have our own animal shelter/sanctuary, but others such as health are less likely, and therefore so is having the career I really want. Talking about things like that can get me really down, so I've gone for the more shallow or just simple and light hearted version of a wish list instead!

                                        My Wishlist

Now I love clothes, and find it hard to get rid of the items in my wardrobe I barely wear, but I think this is due to the fact I hardly had any clothes until I went to uni and most of what I did have was black or from a market stall, so finally being able to buy clothes I liked and wanted was a massive thing for me. Sometimes in the past I should have controlled my spending, as I've always been on a budget and therefore have occasionally made things difficult for myself. 
Currently I am super broke, but also more sensible since becoming pregnant, but if I had the money here's what I would be buying:

  • Oasis Crinkle and Button Tie Blouse -£35.00: several times I have walked through one of Leeds shopping centers past Oasis, my eyes being drawn by the vibrant summery colours but always managing to avoid going in there, since its out of my budget. However one day I did go in and found my self desperately wanting this top and......

  • Oasis Coloured Cherry Crop Jeans - £45.00:.....these jeans. I LOVE the colour of both items. I've always loved electric blue, but the items are placed next to each other in the store as an outfit suggestion and it would be the perfect summery outfit to inspire me to get back into shape after pregnancy so I could fit into them and look good.

  • I - Pod - I don't care what kind, I'd just like one. The rare times I've had the money to buy one, I've always needed something else, but I love my music and its makes it so much easier being able to pick from any track rather than switch Cd's or listen on you-tube. Seems like I'm rather back in the stone ages, but its just lack of money. My previous mobile was quite good to be able to store music (HTC Hero), but my HTC wildfire is awful, which most people who I've talked to about it have suspected its because Phone for you sold it to me without the correct software on.

  • Glee: The Music presents The Warblers -  Talking of music, I like a wide range. From Placebo to Will Young, Bonjovi to Taio Cruz, Arcade Fire to Katy Perry, The Kinks to Old school Trance anthems......etc. Now some people hate Glee but I'm not ashamed to say I LOVE the over the top cheesy, auto tuned singing show. I love the songs they do and I particularly loved the warblers from season 2, so this is now one of the albums I'm wanting to add to my collection. I'm listening to them online as I type this, and no I'm not ashamed!

    • Precious Planet Space Saver: by fisher-price. Full price from the shops, there is no way I can afford this, but I've been bidding on eBay (so far unsuccessfully) as they have some selling on there. So when I get paid I'm determined I will get hold of the next one I bid on! I fell in love with it when I saw one out in Mother care and it will match with my baby girls bouncer if I do get one.

      Katies nail art with Peach Melba
    • Barry M Peach Melba Nail Varnish: - Now I wasn't so bothered about getting this shade at first when I brought my first Barry M varnishes a couple weeks ago, but after I saw Katie Lewis's nails done in this colour, I really wanted it. So hopefully I'll get myself a bottle when I next get paid.

    • Charm Factory Bracelet: - Recently Emma Louise did a blog give away to win a charm bracelet from The charm factory  and I fell in love with one of their bracelets, besides the fact instead of spelling 'mum', it spells 'mom'. So if I could swap the middle cube for a 'U' then this will be a future purchase.

    I'm sure my list is actually longer than this, but for now I'm off to make tea......fajitas tonight, which now reminds me of Jade Shackcloth.

                                                                 x - X - x

    *The girls mentioned have links to their blogs, please take a look

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