Friday, 22 July 2011

Songs I 'm loving today

I'm not really feeling in the blogging mood today, even though there are posts I want to get done before my little one arrives. I'm feeling bored and a bit restless. I'm mostly completely prepared for the baby and It's now way too tiring to go out shopping etc, so things have slowed down. The most exciting thing I did yesterday was make cheese scones! But that actually was nice as I want to do more cooking and Ashley who can be fussy liked them :). I've decided that last couple days to let myself sleep more.....I usually don't like to sleep too long as I feel like I'm wasting the day ...but its not like there is much else I can do with being the size of a whale and without getting a zimmer frame :p
I am looking forward to getting my body back as well as meeting my baby!
I've been wasting time yet again on the computer and been on Youtube today and listening to a few amazing tracks so for my post today I'm gonna share them with you. I like all sorts of music, but these are just ones I popped on to listen to this morning. The titles of the songs will take you to them so you can listen too.

LINKIN PARK - Cover Rolling in the Deep Live at iTunes Festival
I saw this on t.v on Tuesday night. It had been a horrible night and I'd been very upset and when this came on I just calmed down and had to listen. I loved Adele's first album and brought it straight away and I really love this track too, although it wasn't an instant thing. I also love the Glee cover which actually did it justice but this is by far the best version I have heard, its so powerful and beautiful.
Performing Rolling in the Deep - iTunes Festival 2011
I saw Linkin Park live for the first time last November, we were right by the front by Chester and it was unbelievable, it was like he was singing straight to us. We were so near the stage we could see him warming up before he came on. His voice is amazing and their version of this track is just beautiful.I love Chester!

  THE SCRIPT - Break Even
 This is my favourite track by them and I think their best. The lyrics are so true! It did used to upset me listening to it when I wasting my love on someone who didn't appreciate it, but I still loved it even then.

 AIDEN GRIMSHAW - Various X factor Performances

Aiden took over from Matt Cardle as my favourite on the most recent X - factor on the live shows, and I blame Mr Cowell for cutting him out of the finals too early, but at least he said he regretted it. Aidens voice and performances are so original. I loved his awkwardness, its one of the things that made him stand out.
The two tracks I've been listening to this morning are his versions of Mad World and Nothing Compares to You both spellbinding I think. He really is talented, I hope we hear something from him soon. Oh and I was a little bit in love with him. I'm very glad Matt won though as his voice is like an angels!

GLEE - Somebody to love
O.k I am ashamed by this, not because its Glee....but because of who the song is originally by ....that's right I don't mean the Queen song....I mean the Justin Bieber one. Now I HATE that kid, he's an obnoxious little shit......excuse my language, and I almost didn't watch this Glee episode because of it, but it ended up being really funny and I actually love their version of this, mainly because it isn't him haha but its just really upbeat and fun. 

Now I blame Karen Beech for me liking this song. Snoop Dogg is another artist I don't like ....misogynistic and arrogant, but I love this song, it makes me want to go out, get drunk and have a dance. It's the combination and I do like my dance music.

KATY PERRY - Circle the Drain
I love this girl and her music. Her latest album is brilliant and this is one of my favourites off it. Perfect for if you are angry at a boy too and great to sing a long to.
I'm sure her and Zooey Deschanell are twins

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