Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pregnancy Hormones are a bitch....

I had a massive horrible arguement with my lovely boyfriend the other day, who is so nice I sometimes can't beleive he's real. I've always been wondering why I never get a nice guy and my friends do, but finally one came along, and then my hormones decide the other day to try and almost completely ruin things.
Luckily things are completely fine now,  but it felt the complete opposite that night.
Issues that just annoy me a bit normally or I could manage with are now, often making me cry loads and feel like shit! I really felt rock bottom the other night, and why? ......turns out I have a baby growing inside me. 

 Pregnancy hormones are a bitch!

 I only found out a few weeks ago and am keeping it on the quiet, so I won't be spreading the link to this blog round people i know in person, they will have to wait a while, although a select few do know now.
I had my 12 week scan last week and she/he was moving around A LOT ...I have to say I can't blame the poor thing, the sonographer was pressing hard and it hurt to be honest! I guess after that I've finally started to believe I have a mini me inside me, before i kept thinking maybe the non pregnancy scan i had a couple weeks before had come up with someone elses images (not possible i know, but my brain wasn't going for logic) and then when i did a test to try check how many weeks (didn't realise it just tells you 3+ if you are more than a waste of a tenner there!) I still thought the test would come up negative!
Now though I have found myself looking on mothercare and babies are us and thinking of all the things i need to save up for and provide for the baby, and which room in our new place to put the cot in. 

Providing everything goes smoothly me and the boyfriend will be properly moving in together next friday, into a nice house we found yesterday, in a lovely area, with a garden with birds singing. Unlike the nice flat I'm in now which is by a very busy road and then some questionable neighbours round back. Then once I'm settled in, i suppose i'll be getting used to the idea of being a pregnant woman and trying to keep those hormones under control! 
I've not seen a midwife yet! My appointment isn't til moving day! But judging by how far along they think I am, I'll be due the very end of July. I have a feeling its a boy, but I have my heart set on a little girl, so I'll be wishing all the way to my 20 week scan, be a girl, be a girl, be a girl! Being 3 months, its already decided what it wants to be, I just wish I knew. But as long as its healthy, thats the main thing. Oh and as long as its not evil like my favourite fictional youngster ....

                                                              has been making me very sick!
A lot seems to be going on at the moment, but then my life has always seemed to be a bit of a roller coaster ride, really bad and really good points, but this seemed a good enough topic to start my blog on for now. 

                                                      x ~ x ~ x