Monday, 25 July 2011

Bella - Part 2

This post is a bit about Bella with some of my favourite pics of her dotted through the post.

  • Cuddle Time .....having attention lavished on her and being stroked and ticked, especially her head and neck and tummy.
  • Bobbles - one of her favourite 'toys' ....probably why i have lost tonnes of them.
  • Custard - she is a fussy eater but human food wise, she LOVES custard!
  • Muller Rice ...she also likes the rice pudding.
  • Getting under the duvet with me to have a cuddle or a sleep
  • Cat treats ....she demands them.....naughty cat!
  • Boxes ....drawers ...anywhere she can jump into and explore or nap in.

  • Bits of string/ribbon/ties - her favourite for a while was a piece of ribbon that held some tea towels together when i brought them. She often prefers the string holding a dangly toy to the actual toy. However she has a mouse that squeaks that she loves.

  • Hunting even a speck of dust makes her happy, she's never been a successful hunter until recently :( but she's always watching and sometimes chasing after things I'm sure aren't even there. She's a good fly catcher though.

  • Being Vocal about how she's feeling - she has many different meows...ones for when she's telling me her food bowl is empty, one for when she wants treats, one for if I'm trying to sleep and she thinks she's being ignored, ones for if she wants to play, or is bored and disgruntled, its her own version of moaning or sighing its quite funny, one's for if she's annoyed and ones for if you are another cat!! 
  • A freshly Made Bed - I'm sure she thinks it gets done just for her.
  • Sleeping Anywhere and Everywhere - as you can see by the pic below! 

She's even slept in the plant pot to her right ...see memories below

She chose to sit here
  • Other cats - she doesn't try and fight with them, they just really upset her if they come anywhere near her

  • Being put somewhere she's not decided to be - she was better when she was younger but now she's more into doing what she wants when she wants - she is very good natured, never hisses or scratches but will just run back to what she was doing

  • Noisy houses full of people or people stomping around - when we first had her she was very jumpy and on edge but is so much better now but houses full of people intimidate her so she will run off to/stay in a quiet place, as will she if someone comes stomping past her

  • Baths - she's only had to have one from when she got herself covered in paint but my god the poor little thing was so upset, and at one point was hidden behind my sisters legs like a tiny drowned furball shaking, whilst my arms were scratched up. Not because she had scratched me, but she'd been trying to drag her way out of the water whilst crying and yowling her heart out.

  • Finding her in my uni bed under the covers, only her ears sticking out at the top ....i had a pic until my phone broke :( 
  • Having a bath and putting my lunch by the side...a mini pizza baguette ...only to here a big crunch noise and to look down and see Bella had bitten into it ....very funny/cute
  • Her climbing up on my shoulder like a parrot when i was half sitting/half laying in bed and then her lying on my chest under my chin and rubbing her face against my face when i was crying. She's very affectionate.
  • When she got a temperature and was very lethargic and not herself. It was scary and I know my cat and I knew something was wrong. Luckily it was just the starts of an infection and we got her sorted out straight away :)
    She  never scratches people
  • All the times she will use her paw or arm to pull your hand up to her face to stroke it, or will meow if you stop stroking her and wants more, she is a lovely natured cat.

  • When my sister was having some doors built between two rooms in her house....they had areas without glass in which Bella used to perch on. Unfortunately she didn't notice when they'd had glass put in and launched herself off the sofa to jump on to the ledge only to hit the glass and bounce back. Funny but aww my poor kitty!

  • Finding her Christmas present before she was supposed to ....I had gotten her an amazing triangle hut like bed and found her asleep in it on xmas eve. She loved it until a couple of months later, an naughty kitten from across the road, who liked to wind her up, started invading the house, went in and got her sent on it and put Bella off :(
  • Finding her asleep in a small soil filled plantpot.

  • Seeing her trying to stop one of the intruder cats at this house trying to get through the cat flap......a lot of cat yowling/screeching was going on and banging noise.....only the see the cheeky evil black food stealing kitten trying to get through the flap and a very upset Bella screeching and smacking the cat flap repeatedly in its face! 

Bedtime Reading
  • The funny/cute things she does without even when she scales round a room on her back two feet as she wants to sniff higher up or reach for things, or when she will sleep with her head on the pillow or will position herself like she is reading a book or watching TV. 
  • Watching TV in front of the fire

 Some more favourite photo's:

'Oh Hai!'

Napping on my Knee

Cuddling a a doggy teddy

Chilling Out

Having A Snooze

My next post will be about Theo, a cat we rescued from the street, who unlike Bella, was in an appalling condition. He was the sweetest animal I've ever known and even though he passed away at Christmas I still miss him very much.
                                                      x - X - x

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