Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Product Review: Clinica Tissue Oil and Vitamin E cream

After entering probably over over a hundred baby & pregnancy competitions, I actually managed to win a few. Out of the four I won, two were for Clinica products; one run by Bizzie Babies Facebook Page and the other by
The prize from the former arrived fairly soon and was a 200ml bottle of Clinica's tissue oil and the latter, which was sent by Clinica itself, took a while to arrive but was not only a 200ml bottle of tissue oil, but two tubes of their vitamin E cream as well.

My prize
I was obviously keen to try out the tissue oil due to being pregnant so it was a great product to win, but not only that, I have sensitive skin. Its a lot better than when I was younger, but I often suffer from dry skin, and in general it just needs a bit of extra TLC, so I was very pleased to receive the vitamin E cream.

The packaging of any product says a lot about it, and especially in shops is what grabs the customers eye and makes them first consider it or just pass it by. The Clinica packaging is convincing in making you believe its a successful product, and tells you clearly on the front of the tubes (for the cream) and the side of the package (for the oil) its stand out active ingredients and what the product is useful for.
However at the moment, as far as I'm aware they are only currently on sale online, in particular on their own site Clinica UK.

 Clinica tissue oil:  

As the packaging and website tell you, it "contains a blend of natural oils, which soothe and nourish the skin and nails."

It can be used for:
  • Helping to prevent the formation of stretch marks
  • Skin containing scar tissue
  • Before and after pregnancy massage oil
  • After skin nourisher
  • Dry skin conditions
  • Moisturizing bath oil
  • To assist in refining the skins natural oils and moisture
Extra info:
  • The oil is rich in Vitamin E, Evening primrose oil, Almond oil and coconut oil extracts
  • Its a non greasy & non staining formula
  • It's safe for all ages
So its not only extremely useful for pregnant women to care for their skin whilst its under a lot of strain, but it can be used for those who perhaps have had operations and accidents, those with skin conditions (i.e eczema which I had as a child) and those just wanting to take good care of their skin.
It contains the all important ingredient of Vitamin E, found in many good skincare products, the benefits of which can be read about here: Healthy Skincare and evening primrose oil, which among its many medicinal benefits its great for the skin due to its: "gamma-linoleic acid, linoleic acid and other nutrients" which are "essential for cell structure and improving the elasticity of the skin."
My BizzieBaby Prize
When using the product I have found it to have a pleasant fragrance and only a few drops are needed to cover and massage into the areas you are treating, and with a bottle this size it means it won't run out too quick even with every day use. Which is handy as it advises you to use it morning and evening. I have used my first bottle a few times and as you can see, there is still plenty of the product left.
I've been lucky and don't seem to have any stretch marks apart from one on the top of my thigh, and a few old ones have become a bit more prominent from when I was on steroidal treatment for an illness, but without this my skin does become dry, tight and itchy due to it being stretched too much, so I have no doubt this oil is helping my skin stay in a better condition. Its a quick relief from the irritation and its long term affects are protecting my skins components and helping me avoid any further skin damage.
The 200ml bottle retails at £10.80, with a smaller option of 60ml also available at the price of £5.40.

Clinica Vitamin E Cream:

From their site, a 100g tube of this cream retails at only £3, which is a great price for such a beneficial product, and I received 2 of these. If buying myself I would go for the even better value of the 500g Jar which is only £4.80 ......five times the amount for less than £2 more.

Again the clearly labelled packaging tells you all you need to know, that its is " B5 and Evening Primrose enriched".

Ideal for: 
  • Dry skin
  • Sun Damaged skin
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Ageing Skin
On the back: The cream "is a specially developed hypo-allergic formulation for dry, damaged and ageing skin. Vitamin E is not only responsible for repairing damaged skin and enhancing elasticity, but also as a potent anti oxidant. /with regular use, your skin will have the ultimate anti-oxidant protection". 

So again this isn't just useful for during and after pregnancy, its great to take care of your skin if it needs that extra bit of TLC if you're not a teenager anymore, which sadly I'm not. I struggle to deal with the fact I'm 25 now but at least I won't have to struggle looking after my skin now I have these products! 
As I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy I'm pretty sure my tummy is as stretched as it can be (so knowing my luck even thought I think I've escaped without stretch marks, they are all going to turn up in these last 3 weeks), and I have developed some dry skin (my eczema still occasionally flares up) by my belly button, and this cream has been great to settle it down, stop the the itching and soreness and keep the area well moisturized. I'm also extremely prone to sunburn, and although I'm sensible and usually remember to put my sun cream on, this is great for extra protection and recovery after you have been out in the sun.
Its also non greasy and easily absorbed into the skin.

There are many great skincare products out there being advertised to pregnant women and those who have skin worries, but this is one of the makes that stands out to me. A lot of these treatments can be pricey, but because of the great value and good experience I have with these Clinica cosmetics, I would definitely recommend them and they are a great competition prize!

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*Update: Sadly when I next used the oil I did suffer a reaction to it and my skin became extremely itchy and I couldn't stop scratching my belly! Resulting in something what would fit in well in a horror film. As your skin is so stretched and tight when you scratch it leaves blood like brusies.
However I used the vitamin E cream and it soothed and calmed my skin down. I would still recommend the oil to anyone with a normal skin type though, as mine can be very sensitive. The Vitamin E cream worked a treat.


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