Monday, 19 September 2011

10 Day Friend Challenge: Day 2: A New Friend

This should have been 'The friend that knows the most about you' but that was too tricky for me because I have moved about a lot. I've been to five different primary schools and lived in Stockport, then Plymouth, then Liverpool, then Stockport again and now Leeds. So it meant it was hard for me to stay close to anyone for more than a certain amount of time. Different people have been closest and know more about different stages of my life.

So I changed it to this: A New Friend

I've made quite a lot of new friends in the past 14 months and also changed boyfriends - all due to moving to Leeds and starting a new job. But one person who I've talked to for a while but only just recently met in person is Mel Matthews!

The two years after uni that I was in limbo unable to work due to illness, I started chatting to people on the More Facebook page and made quite a few lovely online friends on there, who during that time were there for me more than some of my 'real life' friends.

Emma Louise & Cameron

Then when I became unexpectedly pregnant there was one girl I confided in one of them as she had been in a similar situation. That was Emma Louise, and it was such a relief when I felt I couldn't tell anyone else about it at the time.
Just before I found out I was pregnant Mel announced on Facebook that she was, and at after I'd got my head round things I told her I was. I feel I bonded with her due to us sharing out pregnancy 'journey's' together. It was great to have someone else to chat to about things and more exciting too.
I'd always thought Mel seemed really nice - really funny judging by the comments she used to write on the More fan page, and I'm glad I've got to know her a lot better.
Everyone was so excited the day she went into labour and we were all texting her to see how she was doing as it was so exciting. She had a gorgeous baby girl called Neve 25 days before I gave birth to Grace.
When I'd given birth I was waiting a while to announce it as I wanted to be able to tell my mum before putting it on Facebook (however I wish I hadn't bothered - she still hasn't met her granddaughter!) so my sister was the only person I'd told until Mel text and I let her know.

Its weird how someone you've never actually met in real life can seem like a close friend.

I'd never yet met any of the 'Moreo's' as we had been branded, but luckily got the chance to meet Mel, Neve and Kev as her family home is up here and she came to visit.
I was really excited but also nervous as I get a bit like that when meeting new people (even though we talk most days on facebook!) but had a lovely time meeting her. Ash came along with me and Grace met her BFF Neve.
Some pictures from the day:

BFF's meeting =)


Lovely Mel with my baba Grace

Neve not happy mummy is holding another baby!

Ash holding gorgeous Neve =)

Me & Neve =)

Kev, Neve, Mel

I wish we could have spent a bit longer with them but we had to rush off and buy Grace some special baby milk before the shop closed =(.
The milk turned out to be the worst one we'd tried so that was a waste of time!

I'm hoping Mel gets to move back up here and when I've got some funds I really would like to meet Emma Louise and her little boy Cameron, as well as some of the other girls at some point.

                                                               x - X - x

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MagalufLady said...

Looks like you had a fab day :)
How cute is the picture of the girls sitting on the table!