Friday, 23 September 2011

10 Day Friend Challenge: Day 3 The friend you have the most fun with

I think the most fun times of my life were probably my university days. Particularly before I became unwell, as after that I have never been the same or been able to be as care free, but I have still had some very fun times since.
There are two contenders for this one....although I do have loads of fun with a fair few people, I think the top two are Lauren and Alessandro.

Freshers year, Lauren and Me

My Disney 21st. Katie, Han, Me, Helen, Jen, Lauren
In my first year of university at Liverpool I lived at a student halls campus Carnatic and it was brilliant! You got to know so many people so quickly and so well from all living in a little neighborhood. I am so glad I did otherwise I would have really missed out. 
I was friends with a lot of the boys, as I think we were outnumbered and also I find them easier to get on with sometimes, but I think we all felt that way as besides us the other girls in our halls (Morton) didn't seem particularly pleasant. So I became close to four girls in the first year - Lauren, Helen, Katie and Hannah, and then the next year Jen, when all six of us moved in together.

2nd year Carnage: Helen, Jen, Lauren, Me

Kt & Me rocking out in Lozza's room
 We got up to plenty of mischief and Lauren, like Karen is one of the funniest people I know. When she was drunk she was much more likely to do silly things with me, I didn't need much encouragement as I had got over my very shy stage. We also had much fun winding up our friend and block buddy Russell (all in good humour) such as trying to get him a Russian bride. There were many drunken adventures. Katie was usually involved too or would be my other partner or crime, or Laurens.

Lauren, Me, Katie A night out

Me & Katie
 I remember Katie and I going to Tesco in our pj's at 4am one night (which may be common for some scousers but wasn't for us) only to find it was closed, and going clubbing in our pj's to raise money for charity.

Lauren is someone its so easy to feel comfortable around and we can have fun just jumping around the kitchen to cheesy dance or trance music eating peanut butter on toast as well as random adventures into other blocks (Morton had 6 blocks) or getting drunk and being silly. Just talking to her is fun as she has a great sense of humour. I really miss her these days!

Me & Lauren - a meet up after our uni years

Alessandro was in our neighboring block. In the first year I spent most time with an ex friend called Connor who was so much fun and a great friend, until the next year when he got into drugs and turned unstable and into a really nasty piece of work.

Dave, Me and Sandro on a night out, last yr of uni

The last two years I then spent alot of time with Sandro and he is the funniest guy that I know. He comes out with the most ridiculous things and as I hung around with the boys a lot, there was always pranks going on, which I did love as I still loved to embrace my inner child!
No nasty or over the top pranks, just pretty harmless things. He was also a great friend.

A meet up 2 years after uni, my 24th birthday. Raj, Me, Sandro

I don't get to see my university friends very often now, as we all live in different areas of the country sadly, and I really wish we were all just down the road from each other like we used to be. They have given me some great memories. I only hope to have the chance to have some more.

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