Thursday, 11 August 2011

And the winner is....

If you are a follower, you will have known I was running a 'Guess the Weight' competition.

So I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl 15 days ago on the 27th of July at 4.03am. We have called her Grace Lily Olivia and we love her very much. You can see her at the top of the page. Here she was only just over an hour old.
 Like I expected she is a tall baby, as i could still feel her pretty high up even when she had 'dropped'. At birth she weighed 7lb 10oz.

The original winner was only 1oz off the correct weight, however they never got back in touch after emailing them. The next closest guess was shared by two entrants, however again one of them didn't get back in touch, and if I keep the sweets any longer my boyfriend will snaffle them all (he has already sneaked some of them)! 
So the other person who's guess was 7lb 1oz was MEL MATTHEWS!

Congratulations Mel you are a WINNER! 

Here is what Mel has won: 

Big pile of sweets and chocolate

I didn't go by the exact list on the competition post as I ended up having to get most of it in an order from Tesco's as I didn't realise how hard it would be to get about the first couple weeks after having a baby and stitches! (Well I tried to think optimistically that I wouldn't be having stitches and I didn't know how much they would hurt afterwards).
So here is what is in the pile:

Chewy Bars

Chewy Sweets and Love Hearts
Bit of a mixture and millions mmmmm :)
Sweetie Bags
Mega Lollies, Haribo etc
Rainbow Drops etc
Fizzers, Maoam
Despite her having a painful tummy :( I managed to settle down Grace for long enough to pack these all up, so hopefully I will get the parcel sent off tomorrow. So look out for the postman Mel =)

To avoid not being able to get in touch with winners next time, and them missing out and me wasting my time, I will ask for fb contacts as well in my next competition.
I am sorry to the original winner, but I waited over a week for a reply so I couldn't wait any longer as either my boyfriend would have continued to eat his way through haha or they would have got lost amongst all the baby items!

Thank you to everyone who entered my first blog giveaway! My next will be a jewellery one as promised. The prize will be from the site most of you voted for. So look out for it in a couple of weeks time.

                                            x - X - x


Violent Delights said...

Oh wow! So many sweets! Lucky Mel ;) And poor Mel's teeth.

The photo of Grace at the top of the page is adorable, her wee hand - so cute.

Bex said...

Aww, Grace is adorable!
Well done Mel! xo