Sunday, 19 June 2011

A bit of a Rant

I was just talking to someone on Baby Expert about the comments she was getting on the size of her bump, which made me realise I wanted to do a quick post on it ....basically my reply to her, as the kind of comments people think its OK to give during this time has become one of my pet hates!

Many people are lovely when you are pregnant and make you feel good, however there are also a lot of inconsiderate & rude people, who when you are pregnant seem to think its completely normal to say things like "You are huge", "You are massive!" and "Are you sure you're not having twins?" 
Some people at work were saying these things to me, there was one day in particular when it was really getting to me, when in fact the next day at my hospital appointment, my antenatal Dr told me I was measuring a few cm too small!! 

I don't know what goes on in their heads....surely they would realize calling someone massive is not what any woman wants to here, pregnant women in particular I think. Even though this stage of your life may be the one time you are not so bothered about your figure or how big you are, if you are not used to having that much weight or are a bit self conscious about how big you are becoming, careless remarks like that can be hurtful, annoying and make you think you are huge, even if you are not! I'm not sure some of my colleagues actually know what a pregnant women looks like, as lots of other people my stage I've seen are a lot bigger. And when the bloke (complete creep) at work, who's stomach is practically the same size as yours, without him having the same excuse, laughs and says you're bump is huge, sometimes I felt like removing the smile n pretend laugh off my face and say "are you having a laugh?! Look in the mirror...whats your excuse? I've got a baby in here!"

Anyway I've ranted on a bit ....I guess I needed to let off some steam. Anyway don't do what I did and just smile and brush it off and pretend you don't mind, tell people they are offending you and that your size is perfectly normal (as people's size varies hugely when pregnant due to many factors) as it might help all these insensitive people think twice about saying these things.

A lot of people will say don't let it get to you, just ignore it, but I'm proof that sometimes it can get to you, so my advice is speak up and put these people in their places a nice way of course =)
And most importantly be happy and PROUD of your bump and body whatever size you are!



Rachael x said...

ohh i love this post
i have it all the time, i work at Next so im constantly having people commenting on my bump, most of the time they are really nice but sometimes damn rude! like the other day these old ladies asked me how long i had left and when i said just over 5 weeks they were like "omg u look like u only have 2 weeks left, are u having twins? ur massive" i just said "well my midwife says my bump is average and shes the expert!" even when they were walking out the shop they were still going on "oooo wasnt she massive"
i was really worried in the first couple of months because i was only a size 6-8, so i was used to being small but i personally dont think my bump is massive, i love it and i'm defo proud of it!

Fairydust24 said...

I think sometimes you can appear bigger to people if you started off pretty small, have a small frame. That's what someone said to me. But how can they think its OK to come up and say that to someone, how do they not know how rude they are being lol. Its like all common sense goes out the window! xxx